Currently Reading: Perceptual Study on Spatial Audio Algorithm
Perceptual Study on Spatial Audio Algorithm
Pyscho-acoustical evaluation on auditory perception of sound externalization
Image Credits: Bose Corporation
What’s my Role & Responsibility
I joined sound externalization team at the R&D Labs of Bose Corporation in Spring 2023 as Research Engineer Co-Op reporting to Leonard Varghese. I conducted psychoacoustical studies on perceptual attributes of their spatial audio algorithm with the critical audio listeners participants who can distinguish minute audio signal properties through their auditory perception.
Matlab, C#, Unity, Python (For Network Connection and Data Analysis), Optitrack System for motion capturing
Time Period
Jan 2023 to Jun 2023
Research: Literature Review on HRTF measurement techniques and evaluation, Experiment Design Proposal

Design: Matlab GUI integrated with OptiTrack for user motion capturing, VR prototyping for perceptual judgements

Analysis & Reporting: Error rate analysis and hypothesis validation.
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I proposed two separate research experiments to evaluate specific attributes of their spatial audio algorithm. Unfortunately, one was them didn't kickstart due to a temporary measurement device failure. The other experiment progressed, and I designed prototypes using different approaches: one with Matlab and Optitrack (Motion Capturing System) and another with a Virtual Reality headset. We opted for VR due to its prototype's flexibility and mobility. I conducted the study with participants from various teams within the research lab and presented the final results to our team, offering suggestions for algorithm improvements.
Learning Experience
During my coop tenure, I gained a profound understanding of the inner workings of a pioneering audio research facility. Collaborating with top-notch audio research scientists, I learned to think at every edge-case and efficiently validate research. Hands-on experience with their powerful audio rendering prototypes proved invaluable in subsequent psychophysics studies. I mastered the art of comprehending research requirements and swiftly building experimental prototypes, which was crucial in this fast-paced research environment. Moreover, networking with professionals, including research managers, audio engineers, and product managers, provided a holistic view from concept development to mass production.

All of my work during the coop is under an NDA, so please reach out to me personally if you have any questions regarding my work.